8 Affordable Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners

Developing an affluent content marketing strategy is vital in sustaining and growing your business. Unfortunately, with all the marketing techniques available - from SEO to PPC - it can be quite the work-loud taking on these responsibilities yourself.

Luckily, there are a number of online marketing tools designed to help you develop your business. In fact, there are over 7,000 such tools currently available.

As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all your options. Not to mention, it can take a toll on your wallet if you simply want to try a few out.

For this reason, we’ve devised a list of the 8 most affordable and effective marketing tools currently available for small businesses.

8.) MailChimp

How much? Free to $199 - tiered pricing

While MailChimp has some limits in terms of marketing automation, it makes automating emails and starting campaigns simple. Here are a few ways in which MailChimp can help you:

  • Drip campaign design

  • Email templates

  • Website traffic tracking

  • Widespread software integrations

On the plus side, MailChimp is a service that’s free for small companies.

7.) Google Analytics

How much? Free for the standard version - $150,000 for Google Analytics 360

Another free service for small businesses is Google Analytics. Through this platform, you have the ability to track and analyze customer data. While the service appears simple in design, it’s extremely powerful and - not to mention - very customizable.

In order to get started, all you need is a javascript snippet. It’s best to source this via Google Tag Manager. From there, everything Google Analytics has to offer is really up to your imagination.

One of the most useful pieces of Google Analytics is the fact that it can be incorporated with Google Ads. This is beneficial for those developing an online campaign by tracking page quality and conversions (goals).

6.) Canva

How much? Free for individuals and limited options, $12.95 per month for teams, or custom pricing for enterprises

If web design is something you’ve been struggling with and you don’t have a budget to higher a full-time designer, look no further than Canva. The tool makes designing easy thanks to its drag-and-drop features.

It allows you to create charts, graphs, logos, shapes, and presentations using a wide variety of custom tools. Not to mention, the platform already contains millions of free-to-use images for you to use.

If you’re an employer, it may also be in your interest to have clients/employees use Canva as the service allows you to check in on their project status.

5.) Hootsuite

How much? $29 to $599+ per month - tier priced

As a small business, it’s probably not in your budget to hire a social media manager. Unfortunately, in today’s digital landscape, social media is everything when it comes to online marketing. And, for these reasons, a tool like Hootsuite is ideal.

Hootsuite allows you to plan and schedule social media posts. Not to mention, you can use the tool to directly interact with audiences - so, no need to hop back-and-forth between platforms.

Admittedly, while Hootsuite is a lifesaver for those who like to have their social media posts ready-to-go, it’s more ideal for those trying to reach audiences in different timezones.

4.) BuzzSumo

How much? Starts at $79 per month

If you’ve been interested in promoting your products or services through influencers, BuzzSumo is the tool for you. It allows companies to partner directly with influencers, using demographic tools. In other words, the platform will filter through influencers with your direct target audience.

Not to mention, BuzzSumo will analyze the influencer’s content and inform you as to what links are being shared or referenced most. For example, if an influencer finds more audience engagement on Facebook in comparison to Instagram, BuzzSumo will tell you.

Of course, we understand that using influencers to market products and services isn’t the most affordable option for every business out there. However, if you have the extra money and time for this marketing strategy, it can be extremely effective.

3.) Trello

How much? Free to $42+ a month - tier pricing

If you’re working with a team in trying to brainstorm projects, Trello makes it easy for these collaborative efforts. It gives you the ability to create and share ideas to multiple people and teams.

In many regards, Trello is simply a content planner. You’re given notecards to use for various aspects of your company, including marketing campaigns or article topics. With these cards, other users have the ability to take notes, read instructions, update the status of a project, and assign cards to specific people.

If you’ve found yourself having difficulty developing plans for the future endeavors of your business, look no further than Trello.

2.) Screaming Frog

How much? Free for the standard plan - $194.33 for the advanced plan

If you host a website, it’s in your best interest to make sure everything is running smoothly and up-to-date. Unfortunately, we don’t really have the time to go in and check out every little detail within our websites. This is where Screaming Frog comes in.

The service identifies SEO issues within the URLs and web pages on your site. It will issue warnings such as:

  • Broken links

  • Duplicate content

  • Metadata

  • Page titles

  • Redirects

Screaming Frog is an ideal tool if you want to make sure your website is well-optimized for search engines. 

1.) HotJar

How much? Starts free - price climbs based on traffic and your needs

Another tool you should be implementing on your website is known as HotJar. This platform analyzes the ways you website visitors behave in the following manners:

  • Form analytics

  • Heatmaps

  • On-site polls

  • Session replays

  • Surveys

HotJar is ideal if you’re looking to optimize your website for the best audience experience possible. Not to mention, it’s very easy to use and affordable, depending on your needs.

Final Word

While there are plenty of other online tools to check out, these are some of the most popular when it comes to marketing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not the tools themselves that make successful marketing. Rather, it’s how you implement them.

If you’re a relatively new small business and just getting into the swing of online marketing, we suggest you start with one of the free options mentioned on our list. Beyond the fact that you won’t lose anything from this endeavor, it will give you a good idea of how to incorporate a marketing tool with your campaign.