5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs to Embrace Video Marketing

In our digital age, small businesses face a lot more competition. Yet, at the same time, they also have a lot more tools at their disposal. Video marketing is one of the most effective of these tools.

To properly understand, take a moment to step back and look at your consumer experience. How often did you feel more compelled to purchase a product or service after watching a video in comparison to seeing a picture ad?

Most likely, you were much more compelled. And that’s because a video has the ability to grab our attention in ways a picture ad or email subscription can’t.

Throughout this blog, we’re going to take a look at 5 reasons why you need to begin embracing video marketing and offer some advice along the way.

#5 - Engaging Your Target Audience

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, a video is simply a lot more engaging than almost any other form of advertisement. Especially, if you have a video that stands out amongst your competition.

And through this engagement, you can get to the core value of your business.

One of the reasons so many big companies hire filmmakers and other artists is because they want to get aspects of their business across to their target audience. For example, one of the first steps to developing a business is creating a distinctive value proposition.

Many successful video marketers seek to get their value proposition across through a video. This not only reassures the customer of your products or services, but it allows them to engage in various types of ways. And you can get really creative with this engagement.

For example, Alex Brown, co-founder of the now-popular subscription beard care service, The Beard Club, explained to Forbes how he got people buying after beginning a new hair growth product line. By creating a parody of an already popular pharmaceutical commercial, Brown engaged his customers in a way many businesses fail to do.

“It’s a really funny commercial, and it got shared a lot because it was super funny,” Brown told Forbes. “It did really well as an acquisition tool because it communicated the benefits of the product - but in a really funny way. Those have been our best videos for both brand awareness and acquisition.”

#4 - A Variety of Strategies

One of the best aspects of video marketing is there are so many different angles to take your advertising. As mentioned in the example above, comedy is a great way to engage the audience and get them interested in your product.

However, there are a number of different routes to take outside of making people laugh.

What’s important to remember is you want to strike an emotional connection with your target audience. Through this emotion, you’re hoping to influence them to make a financial decision in your product or service.

For example, many television channels have broadcasted commercials containing revealing imagery of animal abuse in hopes of receiving donations to end the tragedy. These videos are powerful as they draw in a viewer through grief. Yet, by letting them know their money is going to a good cause, they reassure the viewer that the horrific acts they just witness can be put to an end. With their help.

However, instead of aiming solely on an emotional connection, some video marketing strategies gear towards providing their customers with knowledge. In another example, it may be valuable to show a customer how to use your product while providing them with life hacks that can be benefited from the product.

Through this, you’re revealing both your creativity and overall knowledge of daily struggles. This kind of marketing will not only engage your target audience but make them want to come back and learn more.

#3 - Cultural Awareness

Every product currently out there hits some kind of niche. Due to this, many successful marketers make sure they have a clear understanding of the culture surrounding this niche. For they’re well aware the people seeking out their products or services already have this clear understanding.

Many small businesses ignore this aspect of video marketing and fail to engage the audience even if they have a prominent product. What these very businesses don’t understand is the video content they create is a representation of their business as a whole.

This is especially true for small businesses. Truth be told, most don’t have as keen a reputation as bigger companies. Therefore, potential customers are a bit wearier when it comes to buying products or services.

However, if you can prove you have a deep understanding of your particular niche’s culture through video marketing, you’re doing more than selling one more product. You’re gaining a customer’s trust.

#2 - A Reward for Your Consumers

One aspect of small businesses many customers like is their relatability. More often than not, a small business is founded by an average person just trying to help the world out with a new product or service. When this average person stands in front of the camera, they’re come off more like a neighbor than a high-level corporate CEO. And people like this.

Due to this personality trait of small businesses, many have taken it under their wing to show their appreciation to their customers. Usually, through little videos showing off their gratitude that have little to no marketing value. Through this extra step, you’re showing what a trustworthy source your business is.

It should be noted, some businesses also use these moments of gratitude to offer limited promo codes or free giveaways. It’s another way to get your audience further engaged.

#1 - A Way to Get Personal

As we’ve discussed, videos are a great way to reveal who YOU are to your customers.

Yet, videos can be a great way to also reveal what your business is to them as well. For example, many small businesses reach out to other companies and interview them on their products. In another example, some businesses will show off how their products are made.

There are a number of different ways a video can engage your customer. As you start developing your video marketing strategy, you’re going to discover more and more ways to reach this engagement. And you may just come up with a new video technique to overshadow your competition.